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so, that happened

When it comes to parenting, a sense of humor is as necessary as a back-up supply of diapers. Laughter is good for the soul (and the abs), so we couldn’t resist sharing slices of real life from fun, fearless parents in the Little Cloud community and a few of our favorite mommy bloggers. Emma Bing of whattoexpect.com makes a valid observation about toddlers and bedtime. She writes, “Getting a two-year-old to bed who ‘isn’t tired’ is like putting your drunk friend to bed. There’s incoherent babble. They sing to themselves. Request water. Mumble. Some weird yoga poses. Crying. Hiccups. And then they pass...

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head in the clouds!

Being a mother opens up a whole new world of beautiful things. It also changes your world in a way you never imagined. Hi, I’m Cristy. Mother of two. Wife. Artist. Lover of travel, watercolors and silliness. And now, entrepreneur. About seven months into my first pregnancy, I decided it was time to get the house ready for our new baby. Mind you, I was a BIG seven months pregnant (it was a miracle I could still get up out of a chair without assistance!). Yet there I was sprawled on the living room floor surrounded by boxes from my former...

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